Deep Learning Script Kiddie. I like building systems that can think, listen, and see.
Interested in "perception" systems for self driving cars.
For profit and fun, I implemented probabilistic data structures for quantiles, percentiles, cardinality, TOPK, and set membership.
BloomFilter, TDigest, HyperLogLog, and CountMinSketch are my favorite Algebras.
Kaggler. @HackerSchool alumnus. Spaces+VIM.

Deep Learning

I like building stuff in Python and making stuff with Tensorflow. TensorFlow is an Open Source Software Library for Machine Intelligence.


Your Cloud needs API security monitoring. I have built some devops security tools around AWS Cloudtrail Logs using Python to load events to Slack. Now I'm loading Cloudtrail to Redshift and dashboarding events using time, IP address, and event names as features for monitoring. Also used Apache Drill to query S3 buckets.

Artificial Intelligence

I like chatbots/chatops bots and using NLP/NLU AI in projects. I'm fascinated with Fully Autonomous Driving and I wished I had more time.


I like to program in Python and Scala. Most of the data science work that I have done is hiding in IPython Notebooks. Most of the code revolves around DFIR, analytics, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Autonomous Vehicle stuff like C++, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Linux, Robot Operating System (ROS)

Python Neural Network from scratch

I learned how to build a NN from scratch and put it into blawg post

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Retrained the Inception v3 Tensorflow model to predict MNIST

I learned how to retrain a Tensorflow Model for image recognition and put it into a blawg post

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Scala Akka, Twitter Algebird, and Redis

Doing aggregations using monoids and semi-groups is cool. Just a simple POC for aggregations

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Cloudtrail and Slackbots

My Slackbot posts on Security channel different alerts on Cloudtrail security issues

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Detecting compromised logins

I have developed some algorithms to detect compromised logins. Looking at AD of baseline login behaviors

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Apache Spark Streaming Example

I've contributed to Apache Spark and I thought it interesting to create a stream generator and aggregate the stream using Spark

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Resume tl;dr

Python; Theano; TensorFlow; Keras; Deep Learning; Computer Vision; Signal Processing; OpenCV; Amazon EC2, S3, Lambda, Azure Data Warehouse, SQL, Data Factory.

I’m a gun slinger turned code slinger. I am writing stuff that humans & computers can read. Worked at RCMP, CIBC, and Deloitte. @TechStars Chicago 2013. Proud @HackerSchool alumnus Winter 2012. Love learning about deep learning computer vision and related machine perception technologies. Competition Expert level Kaggler.

I like building state-of-the-art machine perception solutions for robotic vehicles.

SecOps -> CISO -> Security Engineer -> Data Engineer -> Machine Learning Engineer

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